We run regular storytelling workshops to help you find and develop your stories. If there are no workshops listed on our events page then please email or join our mailing list so we can let you know what is happening when.

We also work with businesses and communities. Our founder, Joanna Yates, is a occupational psychologist with over ten years’ experience. Here are some of the ways storytelling can help your organisation.


Deliver your message

Do you have a message you want to convey? We can create a bespoke true storytelling event specifically for you or your organisation. We’ll help you to choose a suitable theme and bring stories and storytellers who can get your message across in a unique and memorable way.

Case studies

We produced a series of events for Grant’s Whisky on behalf of Brand Engagement. The events were aimed at internal audiences, press and customers, and included a fortnight of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Grant’s Festival of Storytelling in 2012.

“We have been working with Spark London since 2009 in developing our global campaign for Grant’s True Tales. Over the many years they have been invaluable and truly contributed to both the development and ultimate success of the campaign.”
Miranda Hart, founder, Brand Engagement

We used storytelling to help the National Trust to connect with the public.

“We loved working with Spark London – not only are they incredibly professional, but more importantly are incredibly fun. Working on the National Trust’s Soho Stories initiative we managed to connect with exactly the right kind of audiences through a variety of events which both us, the organisers, and the general public hugely enjoyed being a part of.”
Wol Balston, Flint PR

Don’t just share your values – show them

Use the power of stories to make your values come to life. For example, maybe you want to focus on innovation, resilience or bravery. We will find stories (from inside or outside your organisation) to inspire, dazzle and inform you on how to bring more of these qualities into your day-to-day world. Discover the true stories that show your values in action.

The power to persuade

Sometimes people don’t need more facts – they need a new story. We can help you develop stories that wrap around the main messages you want to get across. It requires much more than charm to use stories strategically and persuasively.

Get everyone on board

People in your organisation will connect and work better together if they can understand something, and turn it into a story they can relate to and relay to others.

Build confidence

Confidence comes with the ability to communicate clearly. Telling your story reinforces who you are and how you get that across.

Case study

We worked with NOVA New Opportunities to instill confidence.

“We know that our clients – many of them migrants who have been on long journeys to settle here in London – have stories to share. It wasn’t until Spark London came to help that we learnt how to express ourselves and gain the confidence to stand up in front of others to tell our stories.”
Max de Lotbiniere Esol tuto, NOVA New Opportunities

Find common ground

One way in which stories connect us is through empathy. We use storytelling to enable people to understand each other.

Case study

We ran storytelling workshops with St Ethelburgas, an interfaith organisation based in London. The workshops were designed to bring people together, build bonds and find common ground. Priests, Rabbis and Imams shared their personal stories.

To talk about how you can use storytelling in your organisation contact Joanna Yates.