Simply the Best – Elle, Rachel & Scarlett •

True stories told live across the UK. We kick off a brand new series with a bang – a birthday bang to be precise. Last year our beloved podcast turned ten years old… Yes ten! So to celebrate, we put on a best-of birthday bonanza at London’s prestigious Underbelly Festival Southbank. We invited storytellers old and new to retell one of their favourite stories from events past. Here’s three of the stories we heard there, each told by a Spark storytelling veteran. 

First we hear from our podcast producer Elle who tells us about the time she went to a not-so-elite sex party. Then we hear from event producer Rachel who talks us through a psychotic episode she once had without realising she was having it. And lastly we hear from Scarlett – Spark’s amazing host and one-time tea dealer – about a party she can’t quite remember but will never forget. 

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