MORE: Sex Worker stories – True Stories Told Live •

WARNING: this episode contains honest, open accounts of sexual activity

Following the massive response to the episode we released in August, here are three more stories from our recent collaboration with the Sex Workers Open University (SWOU).

As such, we have nothing more to add than the original post, reprinted below. If you haven’t heard the original episode, you can find it by subscribing to our podcast.

Special guest Miranda Kane hosted a Spark night where sex workers from across Britain share their true stories. This episode features our highlights: from eccentric clients to the unusual – and hilarious – situations in which women can find themselves.

In keeping with Spark’s mission to connect people through true stories, this partnership with the Sex Workers Open University (SWOU) provides a platform for people to tell and frame their own stories for themselves. We welcome all stories and all people. This event follows in Spark’s tradition of partnering with organisations that advocate for voices…