Infectious – Body & Soul – True Stories Live •

Spark recently spent a few weeks working with the HIV charity Body & Soul, based just around the corner from one of our favourite venues: the Exmouth Market Theatre in central London.

Established in 1996, Body & Soul is a pioneering UK charity dedicated to transforming the lives of children, teenagers and families living with, or affected by HIV.

Here we present three true stories from the night. Whilst delayed by friends, Dexter discovers a love of the written word; next, Munya’s vacation in Cancún turns sour as soon as he boards a moped – and finally, Milton tells us how a new job led to a personal revelation…

Special thanks to Body & Soul and the storytellers for letting us release these stories to you, and to Jen Carpenter who produced the night with support from Gigi Hanna, Andy Bodle & Ian Barratt. You’re all ace.

For more information, and to support Body & Soul, please visit