True storytelling - Surprises

Monday 18th June

Brixton Ritzy
Coldharbour lane London, Ovel SW2 1JG

Some are wonderful and happy, other surprises are epic and life changing, some surprises are unplanned and inevitable; but every once in a while, there is a surprise that although well meaning turns into a series of increasingly unfortunate events.

Take us on a fantastic journey to your favorite surprise or walk us through the nightmare of the most awkward, terrifying or sad surprise.  Did you try to surprise someone else?  Are you terrific at surprises?  Whatever the case…our storytellers will make you laugh, cringe and maybe even cry and if you decide to share a story the amazing audience will be there for you.

Show up, with a story or just to listen.  The rules are simple
the story has to true, about you and about 5 minutes long.

Doors open 7:30pm. Entrance £5

Hosted by Spark London