True storytelling - Spark True Stories: “Change”

Wednesday 16th February

Catford Mews, Catford Centre
32 Winslade Way London, SE6 4JU

The theme of our next true storytelling night is Change. We’ll be live at the Catford Mews cinema on Wednesday 16th February sharing stories about transitions and transformations.

Join us in our new south-east London home to share a story about the moments that made you who you are – for better or worse – and the events that turned your life upside down. From ending relationships and quitting jobs to embracing new opportunities, ditching bad habits and rediscovering your passions, we want to hear your stories!At Spark, there are only three rules: your story must be true, it must have happened to you, and it must be up to five minutes in length. If you want to share a story, email to secure a slot, or sign up on the night. Book your seat now.

Hosted by Spark London