True storytelling - Spark Open Mic – ‘Strangers’

Monday 18th April

Ritzy, Brixton
Brixton Oval London, SW2 1JG

“Excuse me, you dropped something”. The stranger turns and looks at you, then at the scarf that fell from her backpack seconds earlier. “Thank you” the stranger says, and smiles.

In a globalised world we are faced with meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of strangers everyday: on the tube, in the supermarket, on the street, when dropping off our children in daycare, or in greeting a new neighbour. Mostly, however, this interaction happens when we least expect it.But how do these encounters come about? When do they succeed, when do they fail, and when is a stranger no longer a stranger? Did a friendship, a romance, or a business connection appear from this meeting? Are you the type of person who always speaks to strangers, or do you hate this interaction?

Come along and tell us your experiences, from those who either became an acquaintance, a friend, or stayed as a tall mysterious stranger.

Doors: 7:30pm/£4

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Hosted by Spark London