True storytelling - Spark Open Mic – Reunion

Monday 4th February

The Bill Murray
39 Queen's Head Street London, N1 8NQ

Reunions can be sweet, they can be bitter sweet, or they can be… well, downright bitter. A gathering of family, friends, colleagues or school mates can feel cosy and familiar. Or it can bring up long-forgotten rivalries and childish grudges. A meeting with the ex you promised you’d never speak to again (but secretly hoped to see) can be cathartic or irritating. Or perhaps your own memorable reunion hasn’t been with a person at all, but with a place, an old hobby or even an emotion.

We want to hear your stories. Join Spark at The Bill Murray pub in Angel for a (brand new!) night of true storytelling. Storytellers can sign up on the night. Nervous first-timers are very welcome, but getting up on stage is not compulsory.

Stories start at 8pm, though the bar is open all evening.
Entry is £5 on the door or in advance.

Hosted by Spark London