True storytelling - Spark Open Mic – ‘Passion’

Monday 17th September

Ritzy, Brixton
Brixton Oval London, SW2 1JG

Passion can only mean one thing…”the suffering and death of Jesus” obviously or…to be fair…far more likely, a quick kiss at an office Christmas Party or the slow and lingering decline of all your dreams, hopes and aspirations as you sit behind a desk watching another Kardashian climb the Forbes list.

When you think about it, the word encompasses everything from the mundane to the completely inexplicable, so whether it’s a collection of ceramic frogs, or being presented with a restraining order or climbing mount Everest we want to share our stories and hear your stories about Passion.

Not everyone has a passion, maybe you have been affected by someone else’s passion or cannot stand the word, join us this month. We hope to make you laugh, cringe and maybe even cry and hopefully share our Passion for storytelling.

Show up with a story, or just to listen. The rules are simple: the story must be true, about you and can only be about 5 minutes long.

Hosted by Spark London