True storytelling - Spark Open Mic – ‘Parting’

Monday 11th April

Hackney picturehouse
270 Mare Street London, E8 1HE

Come along to listen to true stories of parting, or tell your own. Life takes us in all sorts of different directions. Be it university, a new city for a new job, or the end of a holiday where you have met the one and only. Parting comes in all shapes and sizes and to say goodbye to something familiar can be heartbreaking, difficult and scary. Most of the times however, something new tends to happen, and we realise that the parting wasn’t a goodbye, but a hello to something new. To part means to split in two; to go separate ways or to divide from a common path. Sometimes we even part from a version of ourselves that we wish to say our goodbyes to. The question is: what happened next?

Doors: 7:30pm / £4

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Hosted by Spark London