True storytelling - Spark Open Mic – ‘Misconception’

Monday 15th October

Ritzy, Brixton
Brixton Oval London, SW2 1JG

Our epic true storytelling night continues. Come tell a story to our welcoming crowd, or just have a listen. The rules are simple, the story must be true, under 5 minutes and about you.

This month the theme is ‘Misconception’. Misconception is defined as a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding. Perhaps something has happened to you that has confronted the view you had on something, somewhere or someone. Do you feel people have misconceptions about you? Are you struggling to change them? Perhaps you like to play with the way you are misconceived or enjoy having your prejudices challenged.

However you choose to interpret the theme, we look forward to having our perceptions challenged through your stories. Leave ‘performance/acting’ at the door and watch people connect through their true honest and personal stories or challenge yourself to tell one of your own. No rehearsals required. Come one, come all.

Hosted by Spark London