True storytelling - Spark Bristol Open Mic – All-Consuming

Sunday 29th November

The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar
Princess Victoria Street, Clifton Bristol, BS8 4JG


The THIRD of our Autumn Spark season, and last of 2015, will be November 29th. 8pm start…

Timed to coincide with Thanksgiving and ‘Black Friday’ and the theme is… ALL-CONSUMING.

We don’t really understand what Black Friday is, but it seems to be something to do with Christmas and something to do with cut prices and bargains and we don’t know what else. But whatever it is, it is about CONSUMPTION. (Not the lung disease. Although, maybe the lung disease.) SO. We want stories on anything that was all-consuming, be it an obsession, a feast, a flea infestation, a diet, a desire, a relationship, or anything else that just about chewed you up. Or anything to do with food, overeating, overspending or generally overdoing it – you get the drift. And, oh yes: five minutes!!!!

The rules? They stay the same.

1. You have five minutes to tell your story
2. It has to be true
3. It has to involve YOU.

Other than that, we are ALL of the flexible.

We look forward to seeing you there! Bring your friends!

Your hosts
Vicky and Gill

Hosted by Spark London