True storytelling - Over-thinking

Monday 21st May

Brixton Ritzy
Coldharbour lane London, Ovel SW2 1JG

That time when you tied yourself in mental knots about the smallest thing. Maybe there were many times that happened.

Perhaps you spent days preparing for an interview, or a date, or a performance and later realised it would have been better to have turned up unprepared. Are you one of those constant worriers always running through every possible outcome to any situation?

Perhaps this theme description has been over-thought.

We would love to hear about times you have over-thought things. Or come along and listen to others tell their stories.

Spark open-mic evenings involve inviting members of the audience to tell a true personal story from their life of about 5 minutes in length. We create a warm friendly environment that makes it easy for anyone to get up on stage and share something from their lives.

Doors open 7:30pm. Entrance £5

Hosted by Spark London