True storytelling - Innocent un-plugged Festival

Saturday 28th May


Be it young love, the first time you moved away from home, or when you still believed in Father Christmas, we have all seen the world clouded by naivety. And so, in a culture dominated by scepticism, world-weariness and keeping up appearances it’s refreshing to look back at a time when believing was that bit easier. It’s time to unplug, reminisce and return to being those impressionable people we once were.
Spark has been invited to a secret Kent location for the Innocent un-plugged festival to hear your stories about wide-eyed innocence.

The festival is all about getting off the internet, putting our headphones down, switching our phone off and enjoying each other and the outdoors. Remember the way we did it before all these gadgets became so central to our lives? We will be hosting a Spark open storytelling evening on the 28th after dinner, around 9.15pm.

If you would like to join us tickets are available now, but selling out fast. For less than £15 pounds you could be standing on a hay bale sharing your story. And for those who would prefer to listen there will be plenty of space for you to do that too.

For more information about the festival and to buy your tickets click here

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Hosted by Spark London