True storytelling - Identity

Monday 11th June

Hackney picturehouse
270 Mare Street London, E8 1HE

How do you define yourself? Do you think others see you the same way, or do they take a different view? It’s easy to place labels on ourselves – or others – whether that’s according to our family, home, upbringing, career, habits, personal strengths or past experiences. Sometimes it feels good to be aligned with a cause or a group of people; at other times it can feel unfair or limiting. Whatever your experience, we want to hear stories about what “identity” means to you.

At Spark, there are only three rules: stories have to be true, up to five minutes in length, and they must be about the storyteller. Come along to share yours in a friendly environment.

Entrance £5, doors open 7.30pm, stories from 8pm

Hosted by Spark London