True storytelling - Education

Monday 19th February

Dogstar Brixton
389 Coldhabour Lane Brixton, SW9 8LQ

PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE: We are holding this event at the Dogstar pub in Brixton NOT in our regular venue

We spend a lifetime learning – from parents, mentors, teachers, friends and from life itself. Do you have stories from formalised education in schools, colleges and workplaces – the inspiring teacher, a lesson that went wrong, learning something unexpected, being failed by the education system.

And then there is life, making the same mistakes and failing to apply the lessons that have been learnt the hard way. Or finding out things for yourself that fall outside any regular learning environment.

Come along to tell us of any way you aquired an education. Or listen to others tell their stories.

Spark open-mic evenings involve inviting members of the audience to tell a true personal story from their life of about 5 minutes in length. We create a warm friendly environment that makes it easy for anyone to get up on stage and share something from their lives.

Hosted by Spark London