True storytelling - Storytelling Comedy with Sofie Hagen and Edd Hedges

Monday 3rd July

Exmouth Market Theatre
24 Exmouth Market London, EC1R 4QE

Sofie Hagen Edd Hedges

This is a different format from our normal evenings. We usually put on open-mic storytelling nights or a curated series of stories but when we had the opportunity to put on two comedians who base their shows on moving personal true events from their lives we could not resist. And the venue in Exmouth Market is truly wonderful for hosting spoken word events.

Sofie has graced our Spark stage before with great stories and we look forward to welcoming Edd to Spark.

Sofie writes: “Sofie Hagen and Edd Hedges have both won awards. They are also both going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year – what! The confidence of these two is appalling. Edd is doing his first ever show called ‘Wonderland ‘ – which Sofie recommends. Sofie is doing her third ever show called ‘Dead Baby Frog’ – which Edd recommends. Come and see them work on their brand new shows – so it’ll work before Edinburgh. Oh – only come if you are a nice person.”

Entrance £10. Book ahead to guarantee entry or pay on the night.

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Hosted by Spark London