Tales from Body & Soul • Spark

JEN WRITES: Exmouth Market Theatre is the home of Spark London’s Encore show – where we corral some of our favourite tales from all across the city. In September, all of the stories came from right across the street.

In collaboration with Body & Soul charity, Spark put on a special show to recognise voices from our local community who support the respect, dignity and wellbeing of people affected by HIV. In the run-up to the event, Spark spent a few weeks collaborating with Body & Soul’s young adult programme. Inspired by the word ‘infectious’ we shared our personal memories and worked to cultivate our unique way of telling them.


All proceeds from the night went to Body & Soul, which have gone to support young adults affected by HIV. In recognition of World AIDS Day, we’ve shared stories from our Body & Soul night on our latest podcast episode. Check it out!

Thanks again to everyone who took part – with special thanks to Adrina and the storytellers from Body & Soul for sharing the mic with us!