Stories of Multicultural Minds with charity Mind in Haringey • Spark

Spark and Mind in Haringey first collaborated last year (2014) and the feedback was fantastic. Talking about mental health problems in the Spark storytelling forum had not really been done and no one quite knew what would happen. Although the stories that were told were often heavy or deeply personal, people came away from the night feeling positive and upbeat and this sort of platform demonstrated how effective it could be at ‘normalising’ mental health problems.

This year, Spark worked with Mind in Haringey once more, only this time would be about ‘multi-cultural minds’. We had a fantastic turnout and an even more special selection of stories; some from Spark regulars and others from people who use the services at Mind in Haringey. It further demonstrated the unique arena that Spark creates for these stories to be shared and enjoyed.

You can hear stories from the night on this edition of our podcast.

Thank you to all the staff at Spark for helping to raise awareness about mental health issues and for helping to raise money for an important cause.