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In the five years we’ve been making the Spark – True Stories podcast, we’ve shared stories with our listeners across the world. But recently we’ve felt moved to do more than that: and so this week we’re launching a fundraising campaign for refugees fleeing war-torn countries.

The idea came about after an open mic event we held in January. Kirby, who has been to a few of our events, had recently been to the Greek island of Leros to help receive refugees and told an amazing story (below).

Afterwards, she asked us if we’d consider a collaboration: a night of true stories from refugees and aid workers, raising money for good causes.

We, of course, didn’t need to consider it… and in February we took over Exmouth Market Theatre for a night, the results of which are included in the next few podcasts.

Gigi, recently made a British citizen, hosted the night

Gigi, recently made a British citizen, hosted the night


Former Romanian refugee Julie returned to tell a jaw-dropping story about meeting Ceausescu’s wife, aid worker Anna described life in the Calais jungle… but the most resonant account came from English teacher Hassan, who escaped Syria only to find his every way out blocked by border guards and treacherous oceans.

Please listen and donate as much as you can. Thank you.