Spark Preston VIII • Spark

We’re delighted with the success of our revived Spark event in Preston in our new venue, Ham and Jam. We had ten stories told on the theme of ‘Trouble”, and all learned much from each other’s from personal incidents around the world and in differing circumstances. Here is a rapid fire round up of the stories.

  • The dangers of catching a thrown hamster.
  • The consequences of a stolen box of Quality Street.
  • Incidents with ice ponds and chickens near Riga.
  • The difference in treatment by the INS if you’re British or Palestinian.
  • Interrupting the President of Uganda’s motorcade.
  • How to convince your colleagues you’re not the bad guy.
  • Preparing fruit salad for an audience (by twin A).
  • Stepping in for your twin at a vital moment; (by twin B).
  • Being the lookout who gets caught.
  • Juvenile culinary experiments in Mum’s kitchen.

A varied interpretation of ‘Trouble’!


So get your stories in mind for next month’s theme – PRIDE – and come and join us on 24 September at Ham & Jam.