How did we end up here, anyway? • Spark

VICKY WRITES: When Gill and I first started Spark Bristol back in May 2015, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. Well – we still don’t, really, but we’re having fun doing it!

It was my idea, initially; and Gill and I didn’t even know each other. I’d heard about Spark London and was hoping they’d decide to start a similar event in Bristol. When that didn’t happen soon enough, I decided to get it going myself.

I found a space – the brilliant and quirky stage space at The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar, in Clifton. I set a date. But there my enthusiasm came unstuck. I was quickly overwhelmed – mostly by worry. What if no-one came? It would be like a birthday party with no guests. Possibly worse. I shuddered. No – I didn’t want to do it after all.

That was when the good folk at Spark London got involved. There was someone, they said, who had recently moved to Bristol. An ex-pat Canadian, called Gill. ‘She’ll probably help,’ they said. ‘She likes writing. That’s basically storytelling. And to be fair, she probably needs to make some friends.’

And so that was it. Gill and I teamed up, and now Spark Bristol is officially ‘a thing’. (And also, Gill is a hilarious host. Who knew?)

We’ve had some great stories, but we know there are so many more out there just waiting to be heard… so if you haven’t tried a Spark Bristol event, come on down. Bring your friends. And make some new ones. We want to meet you!

We are at The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar in Clifton,  on the last Sunday of every month. In 2016, we hope to try out some additional venues too, so watch out for Spark events near you…

See/hear you soon!