A first date at Spark Brixton: What happened next? • Spark

I arrived at Spark with excited anticipation (only partly due to the fact that this was a date) and was greeted by the ever charming Charley. I listened to stories that made me laugh, wonder, think and feel, and after some confidence boosting a la red wine and persuasion a la Charley, I agreed to put my name down to tell a story. The theme was ‘oh!’, and I spoke, nervously, about the time I popped the tire of a stranger’s car at the ripe age of seven to a room of listening ears and warm faces. I left that night walking on air, blown away by the vulnerability and authenticity of the storytellers, the exhilaration of sharing, and how much you can learn about others, humanity, and yourself, in listening.

I proceeded to consume all of the Spark podcasts over the next few weeks and the following month found myself back at The Ritzy, alone this time, and thrilled to see Charley as I walked in. I told her about my love for Spark and my excitement to be there, and I learned that her upcoming holiday in NY would correspond with my move back to NYC. She discovered I had never attended the Moth, and we exchanged contact details and agreed to meet up in New York.

Charley and I became fast friends and together we queued for The Moth, where the theme was ‘9 to 5’. I found the storytelling to be exceptional, but I also came away with a strong conviction that Spark was distinctly different, and a nostalgia for no longer being able to attend due to my move. Spark has something special, in my opinion – a sense of inclusion, of authenticity, of warmth – and my nostalgia developed into an idea: why not bring Spark to New York!?

This led me to meeting the lovely Joanna, and to where we stand today – excited to announce that Spark New York will be coming your way in 2017!

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Dana. M Pollock