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At Spark events you will hear personal stories not by professional storytellers but by anyone with a great story to share. Expect to be surprised and moved.

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Public Humiliation 16.12.19

At 8:00pm - 10:30pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

We’ve all done something so embarrassing that the mere memory causes us to wince. Perhaps it was a misjudged Facebook post that you deleted just a little too late. Or a terrible performance in your school talent show which still plays on your mind decades later. Ever introduced your partner using your ex’s name? Or pronounced niche as “nee-shay” during a company-wide presentation only to be met with bemusement? Whatever it is that keeps you awake at night, we want to hear your stories!

Join Spark Upstairs at The Ritzy in Brixton. Storytellers can sign up on the night.

Doors open at 7.30pm and stories start at 8pm.
Entry is £5 on the door or in advance through the venue’s website.

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'This prison warden comes in and says. I bet you're the black sheep of your family. He wasn't wrong.'

— Radliffe Royds

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