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Recent Podcasts

26.10.16 • Not A Boxer – Nira

More true stories, told live across the UK. Nira was always interested in numbers, but found his path of discovery blocked many times.

Thanks to The Steve Sinnott Foundation for collaborating with Spark to make this night a success. You can support their work at http://www.stevesinnottfoundation.org.uk/donate/

19.10.16 • In Detention – Theresa

In June Spark presented stories of inspirational teachers and students; stories from educators and from people who have experienced education. In this first story from that night, Theresa tells us about a pupil that made her early life as a trainee teacher a living hell.

Thanks to The Steve Sinnott Foundation for supporting this night. Proceeds raised from ticket sales went in support of their campaign for Education for All. You too can help them: http://www.stevesinnottfoundation.org.uk/donate/

12.10.16 • Jealousy – Jess & Adrienne

True stories told live in the UK. Jealousy can completely over-take you, it can ruin a lot of things, and it can meddle when we least desire it. Are you the jealous type who always gets into trouble because of it? Or have you experienced jealousy first hand and in this case; how did it pan out?

We have two stories today that will remind you of everything you’ve regretted in your life. You are welcome.

05.10.16 • In A Pickle – Katie & Josh

Oh dear, here we go again: You’ve got yourself into a situation which you really don’t want to be in. Katie & Josh know how you feel, in these two true stories recorded live at the Hackney Attic in August 2016.

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28.09.16 • Summer Lovin’ – George

This summer may seem like a distant memory, but for today’s Sparkler it’s far away from temporally and geographically.

On a year break in Thailand, George meets his first love. But is she all that she seems?

GIG ALERT: we’re taking part in the Tellit Festival, where the story clubs of Britain unite for a weekend of stories. Join us, The Moth, Natural Born Storytellers and more for a celebration of true stories: http://stories.co.uk/events/spark-open-mic-5/