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Monday 18th September at Brixton Ritzy

Have you run off and done the wrong thing because you did not listen carefully enough? Or given instructions out only to find that nobody understood what you were on about? Were you too nervous to ask the right questions and then realised you had no idea what to do? Or maybe a meaning was lost in translation. Perhaps you are still working out how there was a whole set of pieces left over after assembling that wonky cupboard from Ikea.

Whether with family, partners, work colleagues or friends we have all had moments when the message is lost and confusion ensues. Come to share a story or listen to others tell theirs. All stories must be true, involve the storyteller and be about 5 minutes long.

Spark creates a friendly warm environment that makes it easy for anyone to get up on stage and share something from their lives.

Entrance £5

Pay on the night or buy direct from here