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At Spark events you will hear personal stories not by professional storytellers but by anyone with a great story to share. Expect to be surprised and moved.

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First Love 2.9.19

At 8:00pm - 10:00pm, The Bill Murray, London

When was the first time you remember getting butterflies in your stomach? That light-headed, giddy, often slightly scary feeling that we get when we care about something more than we feel we should. It might have been a person who you made you feel that way – you first school crush. It might be a famous figure or fictitious character that you fell head-over-heels for. Or it might not have been a person at all. Perhaps it was the thrill of winning your first 100m race or the joy of solving your first maths problem or the first time you saw someone who looked like *you* on a TV show.

We want to hear stories about your First Loves. Join Spark at The Bill Murray pub in Angel for a night of open-mic true storytelling, and share your experience in front of an inclusive, welcoming audience. Storytellers can sign up on the night.

Stories start at 8pm, though the bar is open all evening.
Entry is £5 on the door or in advance.

Politics 16.9.19

At 8:00pm - 10:30pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

It’s said that in polite company, you should never discuss money, religion or politics. Well, tonight we’re asking you to break that rule. Ever clashed with someone over your personal convictions? Or had your mind changed by a persuasive argument? Ever met a politician? Or spearheaded your own campaign? Perhaps you’ve had to deal with politics of a different kind: an office power struggle or a messy break-up between two of your mates.

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it! Join Spark Upstairs at The Ritzy in Brixton for a night of true storytelling. Storytellers can sign up on the night.

Doors open at 7.30pm and stories start at 8pm.
Entry is £5 on the door or in advance.

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'This prison warden comes in and says. I bet you're the black sheep of your family. He wasn't wrong.'

— Radliffe Royds

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