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At Spark events you will hear personal stories not by professional storytellers but by anyone with a great story to share. Expect to be surprised and moved.

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Crossing the line 24.7.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

Have you pushed things too far, said something you cannot take back or worn something far too outrageous?

Or maybe you have accomplished something after many years or perseverance or moved into a different phase of your life.

Any story inspired by the theme “Crossing the line” will be welcome on stage.

Friendships 14.8.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Hackney picturehouse, London

Romance come and go, but friends are for life. So is the saying and in many cases this is true, but in others it doesn’t quite fit. Whichever it is; friendships are a relationship that faces challenges just as any other relationship. Perhaps you gained a friend in a particularly strange situation, maybe you felt the need to say goodbye to a friend, or it could be that you don’t really do friends…?

Come and tell your story on friendships, or sit back and listen to the stories told by – perhaps – new friends of yours.

Tickets 5£/doors 7.30 pm

(ticket link to come)



Periods 21.8.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

Have you had phases of depression, or elation when everything was going well, periods of stagnation when you waited for things to improve or times of your life when everything was turbulent?

Or maybe you have been affected by the female hormonal cycle in one way or another.

We welcome any stories on the theme of “Periods” to share with our audience.

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'Suddenly I was seized by a sixties, revolutionary fervour'

— Joe Friedman

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