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At Spark events you will hear personal stories not by professional storytellers but by anyone with a great story to share. Expect to be surprised and moved.

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Journeys 3.4.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

We want to hear stories from people who have made journeys. Perhaps you moved to start a new job, a new life, or a different relationship? Your journey may have been internal, to adopt a new way of thinking, learn new skills or develop the strength to embark on something new. Join us and tell your own true story based on the theme “Journeys” or sit back and listen to others.

Spark provides a safe space for people to share true personal stories.


Defining Moment 10.4.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Hackney picturehouse, London

It could be work related, a medical verdict or a split second of realisation, knowing that everything had changed. The question is: what was that moment, what happened and what made you realise that ‘this’ was a defining moment

Perhaps you came to your own voluntary decision, or maybe it was external circumstances that created the defining moment for you – but regardless, it was definitely defining of what were to come next.

Come along to our Hackney story telling night and share your story, or simply listen to the stories being shared.

Tickets £4


Cutting Corners 15.5.17

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Brixton Ritzy, London

Have you taken the easy option, a short-cut, a bodged fix that you came to regret or learn from? We have all made choices about the best route to take in life and the most direct path is not always the best. Or is it? Have you spent a lifetime successfully shaving corners and getting away with it?

Come along to listen or tell your story on “Cutting Corners” in the warm safe space we create at Spark that makes it easy to share anything with a group of strangers.

As always, remember: the stories have to be true and have happened to you

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'This prison warden comes in and says. I bet you're the black sheep of your family. He wasn't wrong.'

— Radliffe Royds

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