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At Spark events you will hear personal stories not by professional storytellers but by anyone with a great story to share. Expect to be surprised and moved.

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Spark Open Mic - Expectations • 12.12.16

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Hackney picturehouse, London

Elves, reindeers, miracles and so on. Christmas is the time of cosy mulled wine, sparkly lights and secret kisses under the mistletoes. But Christmas is also full of expectations, distant family visits, awkward conversations with long lost siblings and a feast of meat for the vegetarians. The expectations can go very wrong, and can be very uncomfortable.

Spark is inviting you for one of the final open mic events of the year, however, there are NO EXPECTATIONS. Come along and share your story, or listen to other people’s.


Doors 19.30/£4 Ticket

Spark Open Mic - Christmas • 19.12.16

At 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Upstairs at the Ritzy, London

Come and tell your christmas tale, or simply just listen to the stories of others. After all, this will be the final Spark open-mic of the year.

Open Mic - Clean slate • 9.1.17

At 7:30pm - 11:00pm, Hackney picturehouse, London

It’s a new year and the air is crisp and fresh. The brisk winter weather clears our thoughts and invites for serenity and contemplation. Instead of talking about New Year resolutions we want to open the mic for stories of the clean slate. This could be a story of a new relationship, a new born baby, a new diet or a fresh wardrobe. Profound or random, we invite you to Hackney on this cold night, to share your clean slate story and allowing us to come together for the year of 2017.

Doors 19.30/£4 (Ticket link to come)

Spark Open Mic - Goodbyes • 16.1.17

At 7:30pm - 10:30pm, Upstairs at the Ritzy, London

Is a goodbye a hello to something new? Or is a goodbye the end of an era? New year invites for new possibilities, new friendships and new chances – but does this mean goodbye to something old? Tonight in Brixton the mic is open for the stories of the goodbyes in our lives. The goodbyes that hurts, the goodbyes that were involuntary and the goodbyes that meant hello to something new and better.


Doors 19.30/£4 (Ticket link to come)

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'Princess Margaret was coming - and it's my first day'

— Lauretta Tomlinson

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